Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hot Balloons

A few weeks ago, Plano had their annual hot air balloon festival.
My parents took Parker last year, & they ALL had a blast.
This year we planned to all go. My dad even got to come with us (mom had to work...stinky).
We were amazed at how many balloons there were & how many people came.
It was nuts. Tons of people.
But really, really fun. So worth it.

They glow at night. It was really cool.
And what was even cooler...
we had an awesome evening there.
Balloons, pizza, popcorn, glowing balloons, a take home "hot balloon":).
Then we headed out a little early to beat the rush.
We walked WAY past the exit.
Had to wait FOREVER for the van to take us back to our car.
Got to our car & I no longer had Mitchel's new phone in my pocket.
Mitchel ran down the van.
Dad searched the grass parking lot.
I called & called the phone with 2 exhausted kids upset in the car.
A very nice man answered the phone & informed me the correct van with our phone inside was on it's way back to us.
Mitchel was waiting when they pulled up.
Drove dad home & got the kids ready for bed there.
Deep breath.
Isn't it amazing how fast things can change?
I'll answer that...YES.
Grateful for very kind, honest people, and for a God who even cares about iphones;).
And also who's so forgiving of a very forgetful girl...


Crystal said...

I love "Where's Waldo"... hehe. You need to check out Delia Creates blog... she has a new tutorial up, I think I might give it a try. I also thought you might like it... maybe :)

The Mershawn's said...

SO cool! Adding that to my to do pile...makes my head swirl. If only I could have one day of a brain that could think clearly...maybe I could get it all done:)!