Thursday, October 7, 2010

Countdown 1 year {10 months}

10 months!
Tucker, you're in the double digits.
I can't believe it's been 10 months since you were born.
We love getting to know you...

At 10 months:
You are into EVERYTHING.
You can open any cabinet, push through any unlatched door:), & you can wiggle your way through any & everything.
Mr. Wiggle.

You can pull yourself up on ANYTHING.
A wall, the ironing board, the bed rail, a rocking horse, the back door, the refrigerator...like I said, anything.
You've also become the master cruiser.
You cruise along anything you can hold yourself up on.
Which keeps your mama on her toes.
Lots of bumps on your head lately Mr. Wiggle.

You are so smart.
You know when I'm talking about your favorite people & you look intently for them.
You love to point when you look & jabber, saying, I'm sure, something extremely important.
You make a lot of noises.
Our favorite ones are the growls & whispers.
You've got a lot of personality Mr. Wiggle.

You are very loving to your mama, which makes her mush in your hands.
And, now, you are the exact same way with your dad.
Which makes him mush too. Manly mush that is...
When he comes home from work, you very enthusiastically squeal, while crawling as fast as you can to his feet.
He loves you so much, Mr. Wiggle.

You have 2 teeth now.
You actually had those on your nine month bday, but I forgot to tell you.
Since you still only have those same 2 teeth, I figured I'd tell you now.
Your appetite is still big & you're a great eater.
Your favorites this month have been green beans, chunks of peaches, & cheerios.
You think you're big stuff eating those cheerios Mr. Wiggle.

You have always been so cuddly & sweet.
You are SO busy now, but still take time to give sweet pats on the back, big squeezes, & good, cozy snuggles.
You're our favorite squishy, snuggler Mr. Wiggle.

You've slimmed up a lot.
You need your hair trimmed in the back.
Your new goal in life is to get the phone. It makes you so excited.
You love bath time.
You bang on the wall when you're supposed to be going to sleep.
You love to pull your sister's hair.
You love to bounce on Parker's bed.
You love the book, "Peek-a-boo, I love you."
You untie the bumper pads in your bed.
You get stuck under chairs.
You are SO playful.
You point to the monkeys painted on your wall when you wake up.
You giggle A LOT.
You are an awesome sleeper.
You are so happy.
You are treasured, our precious Mr. Wiggle.
Happy 10 months.


The Lowry Place said...

Love that little gummy smile. So previous. We relaly do need to slow time down some.

The Mershawn's said...

No joke...it's just nuts.