Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Midwest Part 2

On our second full day in Missouri, we headed to a place called Grant's Farm.
They house the Anheuser Busch Clydesdales.
So cool.

My sweet little girl.
She was acting like a wild banchee that morning.
She even kicked the fence a few times, despite our warnings & loud objections.
She didn't seem to care that these horses had feet the size of her head.
We wrangled our wild woman & headed to the front of the farm for some different fun.
Crazy kid.

We rode a tram through the fields to the back where the rest of the animals were.
BIG fun.
They both thought it was totally awesome...probaby had something to do with freedom in a moving vehicle.

These goats had my sister & I rolling.
They were getting their heads stuck in the fences, chewing on people's clothes, & climbing all over people.
You could buy bottles of milk to feed them.
The thing was, as soon as you walked in the gate, if you had one of those bottles in your hand, they ATTACKED you.
All 3 family members with me asked if we were buying one for the 3 year old...
No. She would have been trampled!
Although, the horses up front would've called them even if that had happened...

When it was time for Owen to eat, Miss P got another thrilling ride.
This time on a rabbit (aka hopper).
There were huge smiles & giggles.
Then the ride stopped.
Oh dear.
Sad girl.

After the farm, we headed to a pumpkin patch.
Our poor kids were all so tired.
We had dreams of sweet cousin pictures in the pumpkins...
but reality was, Owen needed to eat again, & my kids were in major needs of naps.
Oh well.
Chad joked that we were fitting in every fall activity we possibly could in a 2 day period.
Zoo & farm in awesome weather, pumpkin patch, bon fire, roasting marshmallows, digging in pumpkins...it was nuts, but worth it.

Since I don't have many Keeteman pictures, & since Aunt Sha requested more, I thought I'd put in a couple more of the cousin pictures we took last minute before we left.
It was a lot harder than I thought it would be to get pictures of both our families...
I'm always so distracted.
Owen- "Are you really letting her hold me?"
Parker- "I'm so good at this."
Tuck- "My sister's choking me, but I don't mind. I'll just keep pointing."
*There were no babies harmed in the making of this picture.*

hehe :)
In other news...
Tucker's been sick since Saturday evening.
Just a fever.
We didn't get to go to church today.
When Mitchel & Parker were leaving to go tonight, I was kind of bummed.
Then my baby & I had a really sweet evening together.
We played outside, read books, sang, talked & he had my full attention.
And he knew it. So happy.
I'm so glad I chose to do the right thing for him, despite what I thought I wanted.
When I was bathing him for bedtime, I was reminded of my old evenings with my baby Parker.
Sweet memories are made in the regular everyday things like playing & bedtime. 
So thankful that Tuck & I made some tonight.
Feel better my Mr. Wiggle... 


Sherrie Kulwicki said...

Awww yes. Sweet, sweet bedtime. Loved to rock my baby boys and pray with them. They grow up so quickly. Feel better Baby Tuck. You are greatly loved! Amber, you are such a great mom. Blessings sweet family! Aunt Sha

Shane and Kelly Daniels said...

So glad that y'all had fun. Baby Owen is so sweet. I love cousin pictures!! But you're right, they are hard to take, especially when they are so small :)