Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Midwest...

has a piece of our heart.
We got to go visit baby Okee last week.
I wanted to put him in my pocket & sneak him home.
Crystal wouldn't let me...
oh well.

We were there for 4 days & stayed busy on all 4.

That boy & his pointing. 
Makes me want to squish him.
We're at the zoo in these pictures.
The FREE St. Louis zoo that is...

Baby Okee 
(just in case you're confused & think my baby is still that small...oh wait, is that just me?)

Oh, that baby giraffe...

My girl, telling the ugly camel how hungry she is.
We drug her to at least 2 more animals before the poor thing got to eat lunch.
She did make it...even though she'd tell you she didn't.

After the zoo, a picnic is perfect.
It was a perfect fall day...meaning we could actually wear long sleeves ALL day without sweating to death in them by noon.
Don't mess with Texas...

Man! See what I mean?
SO precious. I love babies. Especially baby Okee's. And Mershawn's.
Chad & CC, if you loaded up now, you could be here by morning.
I'm just sayin'.

*Amber photo tip:
Getting a picture of what is being eaten by your baby boy (no matter how disgusting) is always of utmost importance. Then after the picture you clear out what's in his mouth.
It's better that way.

My hunny. We had him to ourselves for a whole 4 days.

It was so beautiful.
More pictures to come.
There are 16 in this post.
We're a little camera happy.
We miss you our favorite Keeteman's!


Sherrie Kulwicki said...

Love, love, love it when siblings can play together as grown-ups! Beautiful pictures! Would like to see more of Owen and his mom and dad!!!

Crystal said...

Awww!!! We miss ya'll! I was waiting for this post. I guess I can't post my own pictures... I needed you to first :) Wish we were closer so we could hang more often!