Monday, June 6, 2011

Attention...we have a 4 year old!

Parker's birthday was 2 weeks ago today.
I was slow getting these together, & then I ruined most of them with too much editing.
But we had a super fun party for our big girl.
The idea was a movie outside, I got the idea from here.
But, it rained, so we changed plans, moved all the decorations inside, & made the best of it.

We had a bunch of movie goodies.
Big pickles.

Buttered & kettle.
Oh yum.

And popcorn cupcakes:).
(Just cupcakes, frosting, & marshmallows on top. Oh yeah...and the wrapper, made by Mitchel. Of course:)...)
If you ever need to make popcorn cupcakes, I'd go with white frosting.
The chocolate was, super obviously, brown.
Not popcorny at all.
But they worked...

Popcorn balls to say thanks for coming.

We had some coloring & crafts for the kids to come in to.
Wilbur the pig to color & spider web hands...

We had 2 of our favorite visitors from the north, who are now resident Illinois-ians (is that even right?)...
And that baby Owee should've stayed here with us...he's much too cute to live that far away.

That sweet baby brother had fun celebrating his sis.
Especially once the cupcakes came out.

Happy Birthday to you...

She blows through her teeth.
We worked on it, but she still needed help.
Reminds me of how young she really still is...sweet.

Cupcakes=happy kids.

Plenty of presents...

Then it was time for Charlotte's Web.
"The one with the real people." :)

And...on her actual birthday morning, her present from Dad, Mom, & Tuck:
a Hello Kitty bike.
My parents got her a helmet with bunny ears sticking out the top.
Happy Birthday sweet Parker girl...you are so much more than we could have ever asked for.
We love, love, love you!


The Johnson's said...

Wow, 4 years old! Isn't that crazy?!?! The party looked like tons of fun! LOVE the theme!:)

Tina Certain said...

What a fun party! Happy birthday Miss Parker...I can't believe you're 4! Love you tons...Grammy!