Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summertime: At the harbor

Summertime is such a busy time of year for us.
As I am sure is true for many.
We like to take the open weekends & try to make them relaxed, fun, & life-giving.
And mostly about being together.

We've been to the Harbor quite a few times over the past few weeks on a Friday or Saturday evening.

Watching the fountains.

Staring out over the lake.

Dreaming of the beach.

Enjoying the sounds of summertime.
People outdoors. Loud music. Boats cruising on the lake.
Oh, and eating ice cream.

And just being funny kids.

They love their daddy.

Spending a full Saturday with him is a highlight of our week.

And lots of open space to run free in is...priceless.

Especially to our busy man.
To this mama, a break from constantly chasing him down, thanks to the open field is...priceless.

I'm a lover of summertime, despite the busy-ness.
Especially with 2 fun-loving kids who love to be outside.
Summer has won me over...officially.
Taking the time to breath helps.
It keeps our minds in a good place.
This week is a busy one...but full of promise.
Will you pray for the kids coming to Kids Kraze this Thursday, Friday, & Saturday?
For open hearts, true understanding that runs deep, & minds focused on Jesus?
Thanks! It should be a great time...crazy, but great.

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