Monday, June 20, 2011

Sweetness in quiet times

Back from a night away, celebrating 8 years of marriage.
And a break from the chaos that was our life this past week.
Enjoying that our tv is in need of repair.
My 4 year old is not begging for movies all day long anymore.
Only a few times a day now...
The quietness that is my house is oh so peaceful.

And taking time to breath again.
It's been crazy. And at times overwhelming, this week.
But, He reminds us, it's all for His glory.
And that we have it pretty sweet.
God is good. Even in chaos;).


The Lowry Place said...

I'm jealous they are just sitting there. I know that probably doesn't happen a lot but gosh it much be nice.

Shane and Kelly Daniels said...

They are precious!! Love those sweet moments! Oh, and happy anniversary!

The Mershawn's said...

Ha! That was a second that I saw them, grabbed the camera, hoped it was set right, snapped, & they wiggled away. But, I caught it! And, it was sweet. They really love each other...

Tina Certain said...

Gotta love those special moments! Too sweet!