Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Busy Man Chronicles {18 months}

One & a half.
And boy, you think you're big stuff.
And, I think you're still a baby.
Well...I can live my dream & you can live yours.

You are still so happy.
And loud.
And silly.
And fun.
And lovin' to your mama.
And you still love dogs, cars, balls, & running as fast as you can.

You are so adventurous.
We've found you on ladders, under chairs, in the backyard (thanks to your newfound skill of opening the back door) driving your go-go (car), clearing out cabinets, turning over laundry baskets...you are busy.
You see sports on tv & get super excited.
Your dad thinks that's awesome.
You now think he's as awesome as mama.
Maybe a little more sometimes...

You are long & lean.
You wear Tiny Toms & people just can't stand it.
You just got new flip flops & you think they are the best thing EVER.
I think you think they make you run faster.
You give us a lot of laughs in those things.

You are terribly sweet to people you love.
You give such great hugs; hugs with really big pats. Awesome.
Phones, remote controls, & gadgets are heisted swiftly when you enter a room.
You can climb onto the couch now.
And you finally have 2 molars.
Which is a grand total of: 9 teeth. Nice.
You have expanded your vocabulary to include: dog-dog, gall (ball), yeah, na-na (snack), joos (juice), shoe-shoes, nu-noon (moon), ing (sing & swing)...& still the squeals, nods & grunts.
You are a boy.
I joke a lot about chasing you around & you wearing me out.
But the secret is...I can't get enough of you.
I will chase you until you beg me not to anymore.
You are something special.
Now...I need to squish you.


Shane and Kelly Daniels said...

Happy 18 months Tucker!! You are so cute, and remind me so much of another busy little boy I know!! :)

Tina Certain said...

Oh Mr. T...you are everything your momma says and more! How do you get around so fast? You are like a superhero...here one minute and somewhere else the next! You are a hoot! Grammy loves you!