Sunday, March 22, 2009

Aunt Carolyn's

Last Saturday we went to my Aunt Carolyn's house to celebrate my Nana's birthday. She turned 81. She's my dad's mom, and sadly, here recently became my only grandmother. She's just an amazing woman, whom I love dearly. The day my mom called to tell her my Naw had passed away, she cried with my mom. That's just the kind of sweet spirit she is. She's had 6 kids, lost 2, lost her husband close to the same time she lost her 2nd child, and her oldest daughter, Aunt Kathy, is mentally challenged. She's a good hero to have, I think.

My Nana was raised on a farm in East Texas with her siblings. Her father passed away when she was 4, needless to say, life hasn't been an easy journey. Yet, her faith is unwavering. She has attended church as long as I've known her (& much, much longer), she loves Billy Graham, she has genuine love and respect for those she knows. She is very quiet, meek, and humble. My Nana loves Jesus, I think deeper than I'll ever know. Not too long ago I saw a book on her desk in her room about overcoming grief. It's been over 30 years since her husband passed away. It brings tears to my eyes to think about the horrible, awful pain she's endured. But now....now she has joy. And it's because of the Lord.....and Parker:).

My Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Bob's house is just outside Denison, TX. They have lots of land, and it is always immaculate. Just a beautiful, peaceful place, where we all love to go. I have so many memories of being there with Nana and Kathy as a little girl, and it was SO awesome watching Parker get her 1st real taste of Carolyn and Bob's. We all had a lot of fun on that cool day.

Just some of the scenery around the house. I told you:)....beautiful & peaceful.

Parker with the dogs. Bonnie & Sadie. They LOVED her. Just followed her wherever she went. It made her happy.

Nana and Parker. Nana was a little nervous with the dogs all over Parker. And, do you see Parker's pink knife in her hand? Carries that thing everywhere. Nana told her it was a good thing, because she might need to protect herself one of these days:). LOL

Here we are strolling down the road. Three of four generations.

Bob has a great "building" as he refers to it. It's full of all sorts of man goodies:). Here's Parker on one of them. The tractor. Getting a good rest from all the work it does all summer long!

Mitchel, playing some pool. He was beating my dad in this game;).

Parker and Aunt Carolyn "driving" the 4 wheeler. See the guns on front? They live in a bobcat, hog, coyote, anything else you can think of country:). Bob's very prepared...

Last shot on the 4 wheeler. She kept pushing the buttons. We really had a great day. It was nice to just hang out and celebrate a day of a lady we all love to pieces. Happy Birthday Nana:)!


The Lowry Place said...

Oh my goodness. Parker is ready to take off on that 4 wheeler. LOL How much fun is that.

Paula's Life said...

that's so cool amber....glad you were able to have a great day with your family.