Monday, March 9, 2009

Backyard Friends

Saturday, Mitchel and I spent most of the day in our yard. Correction, in our HIDEOUS yard. Poor Mitchel. He's feeling like he's failed his grass:). So together we agreed to spend our Saturday in the back pulling weeds (oh my goodness...) and in the front spending quality time with the few remaining blades of grass we have, and hoping to convince them to grow and spread. We'll see how that turns out.

In the meantime, Parker also got to spend some much anticipated time outside, something she loves. She's so much like me, though, its not even funny. She really does love being outside, but points out and yells at every bug, won't put her hands in the grass, and cries any time she falls, because that would require touching the grass:). Yep, that pretty much sums up my feelings. She'll get over it eventually, or at least learn that she has to, like I did. Ha! To all of my relatives out there laughing....stop it! They know me all too well.....

She really did have fun, though. Stepping in and running through all of our piles of weeds, playing with all of her toys, and running through the yard. As we were working, our neighbor that lives directly behind us came outside to play. She's probably around 3 or 4 years old, with not a shy bone in her body. My Parker does not have a shy bone in her body either, and they quickly hit it off.....through the fence:). Cracked me up. I had to get some pictures of Parker enjoying her first of many backyard antics that we all remember from being kids.

Peeking through trying to see who was calling her name, over and over....
I think the little girl really liked Parker's name. She just kept saying it and saying it. After a while, I don't think Parker knew what to say anymore. Lol.

It was so cute, she would crouch down, stand on her tip toes, yell back through little holes in the fence. She felt really big.

Whoops. There's a dog barking. Got a little distracted:).

Just realized she was being photographed. So, time to come check out the pictures.

She kept yelling, "Go Parker!" and "Yay, Parker!" She's such a nut. She had SOOO much fun. It was such a nice day. She ran and played for probably 2 hours. Then it was nap time. 3 hours of peace after lots of play. Thank you Lord for sunshine and silliness. Makes for the best days...


Sherrie Kulwicki said...

Too, too cute! I can just imagine it!! Thanks for sharing. Love you

Paula's Life said...

ahhh to be a kid...love it. she is so cute..