Sunday, March 15, 2009


Couple of weeks ago, Parker had the opportunity to meet some of her favorite friends...Bob & Wee-ree:). We went with her good friends Mikah and Skylar (her forced best friend- hehe).

Checking out Bob and Larry. She wasn't really sure about those big ol' guys...

She got brave, then when Larry bent down to shake her hand, she took off running back to mom. Poor Larry, he was really nice to her, but she was completely weirded out by the big veggie guys. From a distance, they were nice:). You can see Skylar in the background. She turned out to be the brave one of the group. Posing for pictures, giving high fives... it was great;).

Wanting a picture with them, I had to join in the fun. It was good for her, though, I think. Stretched her out of her comfort zone a little. We all need that every now and then...right?

She was ALL about the balloon afterward though. A green one with her friend Wee-ree on it. We bought the new Veggie Tale video too. She was one happy lady pulling out of LifeWay that day:).

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The Lowry Place said...

I can see how that might be scary for her. LOL they are big and those name tags wow. I remember Santa was scary.

How fun though!