Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Christmas is March 2 :)

Christmas in our family always starts the Sunday before Christmas.
At Nana's.

This was a stroller from my Aunt Kathy & my Nana.
She still walks around almost daily pushing that thing.

That's Nana.
We all love her.
She just turned 82.
It's always so fun to kick things off at her house.

Christmas Eve is full of busy-ness for us.
We end the day with church & Christmas with the Mershawn's.
It's always so nice to get a good dose of Jesus the night before His celebration.
This is us at Mitchel's parents.

Mimi & Papa with our cuties.

The favorite aunt & favorite girl cousins:).
(they're the only aunt & girl cousins....but they'd still be favorites)

Then...Christmas morning comes so fast.
Parker got a trampoline this year.
Lots of fun times on that thing....and not just for her.
And one of my favorites that she got: Jessie. From Toy Story.
I love her attitude.

There was a lot of help this year for us.
Just in case we needed a refresher on how to open gifts...our 2 year old was ready & waiting to assist.
And apparently she approved of this gift.

There are no words.
Okay, maybe...
I love that goofy guy.
He makes me happy.

So sweet.
Can't believe how tiny he was.
He was very into Christmas...
or maybe napping. Hard to say which thrilled him more.

After our morning, we head to my parents for one more gift exchanging extravaganza.

This year a surprise box had arrived a few days before Christmas.
From my sister & brother-in-law.
I guessed right:).
That baby is coming at the end of July.
We can't wait to meet him.

Mr. Potato Head made a visit to our Christmas festivities.

And then there was the cleaning lady/doctor.
She was very helpful.

My parents surprised me with my new friend.
Bernie is what I call her.
She is my new sewing machine.
After a couple of months of intimidation I decided to tell her I wasn't afraid of her anymore & try her out. It started out rough. But now she knows who's boss.
I'll be sharing pics of that later.

Then my mom's family stopped by.
That means our cousin Kylie came.
Let's just say her & Parker are 2 peas in a pod.
She made Parker fancy.
She was very accepting of her new fancy role.

That's Kylie with Brandon (her husband, my cousin), Tucker, & I.

Good times with family.
And a giant poodle.
I love Christmas.
And now I'm sad all over again that it's over.
Time goes too fast these days.
But we are greatly blessed & that's something to always celebrate.
God is good.
Merry Christmas.
Or Happy St. Patrick's Day.
For whatever mood you're in:).


Shane and Kelly Daniels said...

I'm alway in a Christmas mood! Can't wait till next Christmas, but wait.....that means I'll have 1 year olds, crazy!!

The Lowry Place said...

I love your cute little family they are so increadibly awesome and beautiful.