Sunday, March 7, 2010

Christmas, um....in March

Going through our pictures the other day, I decided it was probably time I got to posting about Christmas:). 
I know most of you don't necessarily care to play catch up on our Christmas, but for memory sake, I'm gonna do it!
So bear with me...

Christmas Eve
We spent most of that day baking, wrapping presents, & adjusting to life with a 2 year old & a newborn.
Good sweet moments & crazy wild ones.

We started with sugar cookies:
Now, I had been looking forward to this day for a while.
Relaxed baking fun with my little lady.
What I wasn't prepared for was:
flour EVERYWHERE (and I mean everywhere)
a 2 year old who's world that was just turned upside down...
you get the idea.

But it all turned out just fine.
We even had fun:).
And, looking back, I'm glad we did it.
Sweet memories now.
Oh, and she ate TONS of dough.
Just for the record.

Next came Monkey Munch.
Much more controlled, which I enjoy:).
Everything was contained & it's SO easy & SO fast.
And delightful...

And, finally.
Hello Dollies.
Hello friends...I've missed you.
Ahh. I think I ate almost that entire pan by MYSELF.
Yep. Just what a brand new nursing mommy needs.
Chocolate, coconut, buttery heaven.
These will be served at my house in heaven:).
AND they'll be calorie free!

There were many hot "shlocit" breaks.
Don't those mugs make you all Christmasy?

Many newborn nappy breaks.
Look how tiny he was...
So sweet. (he fills that outfit up now)

And White Christmas.
I'm dreaming of a White Christmas...
(I'm singing it right now. With a nice deep voice. Too bad you can't hear it.)

Oh yeah! It snowed too.
So fun.
We packed up all of our baked goodies & headed to church.
It was Tuck's first big outing. I was a little apprehensive, but he was great.
After church on Christmas Eve, we always go to Mitchel's parents' house for Christmas presents.
But, that's a lot of pictures.
We'll get to that later.
Man, now I'm hungry. Sorry...


Sherrie Kulwicki said...

And little Miss P is wearing her Naw's apron! How she must have loved that from her vantage point in heaven! You just keep sharing sweet thing.

The Lowry Place said...

I think I need that Monkey Munch recipe looks soooooooo good!