Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Countdown 1 year {3 months}

Our buddy was 3 months last Friday.
He's still that super cute, squishy, happy guy.
We tell him everyday that we're so happy he's ours.
But in all that cute, squishiness, there's some growing going on...

He can now lay on his belly & hold that big ol' head up a full 90 degrees.
Makes me giggle every time he does it.
And, sometimes his head falls over & he rolls back over.
Gets the reaction above every time.
Makes us all laugh too.
My baby grew out of his 0-3 month clothes BEFORE his 3 month bday.
I don't think Parker outgrew her 0-3 month stuff till she was 9 months:).
I'm serious.
He wears 3-6 month clothes now, but has outgrown some of those.
Socks will not stay on his feet, mostly due to chubby ankles.
He has no wrists.
He wears size 2 diapers already.
His eyes twinkle every time he smiles.

He has learned how to reach out & grab with his right hand.
I'd say this skill is the one he is most proud of.
So far he's grabbed his dad's face, my hair, his sister's hair, & he LOVES to tap his chicken on his play mat.
Gets those legs to kickin!

Oh how I love them.
There's a fondness growing amongst those 2 as well.


There's the chicken!
He likes to stare at him too.
Can you see him smiling in that 1st picture?
You can barely tell, but he was.
I was there, you can believe me.

I love you a bushel & a peck & a hug around your neck Tucker Brooks!
(have you seen Julie & Julia?)
Don't you just want to squeeze those cheeks?
I get to do it everyday....

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Shane and Kelly Daniels said...

3 months? Already? He is getting so big. Your children are beautiful!