Friday, August 28, 2009

Florida: Day 2

I'm doing good so far:). Day 2 was a Sunday....see what we did?! Just hung around the house, and played at the beach. We grilled burgers that night, and just didn't leave to do anything. It was awesome! Good family & friend time.

Mikah, Parker, & Skylar. All up early, playing away. No sleeping in on vacation with kids. That's okay. They're tons of fun.

On the beach....again. Me & P this time. There was a lot of seaweed in the water that day. Didn't bother me until we got back home & cleaned up. It was ALL over us. Mmm...

Parker & Mikah

Parker's forced best friend :) Skylar.
She's 5 months older than Parker. They are good buddies.

Daddy's are so very fun.

This picture cracks me up. Great 2 year old play.
Good friends...umm...
Mikah's looking at me like, "aren't you going to stop them?"
I did. I think....

And, then there was Tropical Storm Claudette. She rolled in that night. Wild wind & rain. But through it all, the electricity stayed on (yay!) & we had a nice relaxing day together the next day off the beach & out of the rain.

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