Sunday, August 30, 2009

Here he is!

Finally got our sonogram pics uploaded. Here's our boy:). I spared you the FOUR shots of his, little boy part. Yes, I said FOUR. I'm ready to meet him. I remember doing that with Parker. Taking a few days to think about life with my baby, and then you just can't wait to see them & hold them. Anyway...

Tucker Brooks Mershawn
Picture #1: His profile
Picture #2: His face (eyes, nose, little mouth)
Picture #3: His chest with his arm & fingers sitting next to it.

He kept moving his little fingers all around. Then when we were looking directly at his face, his mouth was moving a lot. Crazy to think about what's hanging out inside of me. A whole tiny person. (emphasis on the tiny...) Second time around, and it still seems so amazing. So that's him. 

I've already started getting into boy shopping....his bedding has been ordered, he has a few little onesies (one all the way from Alaska, thanks to Grammy & Poppy), a pair of blue pants....it's getting exciting. 

Now, if he'll just come on time, and not run into Christmas, & be perfect & wonderful, it'll be awesome. hehe


Hill-O'Shields said...

Love the name!


The Lowry Place said...

Awww I can't wait to meet him. Awesome name by the way. Are you finally adjusting to it being a boy?