Monday, August 24, 2009

Well, the results are in

We're back from the beach. 
Had an awesome time.
Over 300 pictures to sift through. 
But, on to the big news.
Today was our big visit to the doctor.
Yes, I wore my hose. 
Yes, I gained weight. 
Yes, more than I wanted: 4 lbs. :( 
Yes, I was praised for wearing my hose & not gaining too much. :) 
Then we saw the baby.

Fingers, toes, head, face, legs, arms.....definitely a baby. And, this kid didn't hide from us.

Are you ready.....

It's a  BOY !

I'm still a little shocked. 
Didn't think I cared or was convinced of having one "kind" of baby or another, but evidently I was expecting a girl. I was pretty shocked when he showed us that this baby is a "he." I really thought he was kidding. He was not. We have pictures, but I forgot to have Mitchel take them to scan so, sorry. You'll just have to take my word for it:). 

So the Mershawn household just got a little less pink, and little more blue. I'll let you know how that feels once I've recovered...


The Johnson's said...

Yayyy! I’m so excited for you guys. Looks like we both have some new experiences coming our way! :)

Paula's Life said...

sooo excited for you!! boys are great..yay!!!

Hill-O'Shields said...

How exciting...Hello blue!

The Lowry Place said...

Congradulations! Parker is going to be so excited when that little boy is born. I can't wait!

Tiff said...

Oh, how awesome! We are so happy for you guys, not that we wouldn't have been if it was a girl... haha.