Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Florida: On our way

To spare you all from having to see all 345 pictures of our Florida trip at once, I've decided to break it up. This was our trip down. We left Friday morning, drove 6 hours and spent the night in Lafayette, LA. Parker cracked us up because she was so excited about staying in a hotel. She even giddily got in the "hotel baf" (bath) that night.  It's fun having a kid that gets so easily excited:).

Park & I, packed in & ready to go. See her piggy? I love him...

The excited husband. He's like a big kid on a trip. Very giddy himself.

It was hard explaining to a 2 year old how long it would take to get to the beach. She got a little frustrated until we wised up & started talking up the hotel. So, after lunch, we explained that if she took a good long nap;), when she woke up, we'd be there. As you can see, she followed through with our plan. hehe
Her toes were painted pink, especially for the beach. I couldn't resist how she had her foot all propped up. Cracked us up...

Got to the hotel, unpacked just a few things, changed, and went to dinner. We were excited to eat at Landry's in Louisiana, but sadly, it was NOT good. Weird...
We were a little disappointed, but we knew what we had ahead of us, so we got over it:). Cool building though.

FREE breakfast at the hotel, and then we were off Saturday morning for the beach!

One of our landmark pictures....Louisiana swamps. I think they're so cool. I know that's strange, they just look really interesting. Of course, I would NEVER want to be in them, near them, smell them, fall in them....you get the picture. Nice from a distance:).

Lots of silly moments in the car...

Really cool bridge almost to Mississippi.

Really pretty rainbow after it rained. I like those too...and not so strange.

The trip starts to get exciting when we start crossing borders...
Welcome to Mississippi!!

Welcome to Alabama!!

And finally welcome to Florida!
Yay! We had another hour drive after this point, but that felt good.
We stayed in a house in Miramar Beach 15 minutes outside of Destin. Walked to the beach everyday. Pool right around the corner. Perfect:).

That's it. We stayed with our good friends the Dobberstein's. It was great, just for us.
Beach pictures tomorrow...

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