Thursday, August 27, 2009

Florida: Day one afternoon & evening

As promised...beach pictures. This was Saturday. We climbed out of the car, unloaded all our stuff, threw (that would be the correct spelling...hehe) on our swimsuits, and headed down to the beach. It was so great....ahh. I miss it. Oh well. Parker got some good practice with her shovel in, and then hit the water with Mitchel.


We found a "pre-dug" hole & stuck her inside:). She thought it was funny, but wasn't quite sure what was up.

My big kid:). He was so happy.

Sand lesson from daddy.

Then the water. The waves were pretty strong the whole time we were there. She got knocked down a few times, but it never upset her. She did learn fast that ocean water does taste terrible.

Ugh. Yes, he's throwing her. Made me nervous, but I can just hear them laughing away. She's so much like him...

We cleaned up after our beach stint, and headed to the Mellow Mushroom for pizza. We were starved & tired. Good times:).

Poor girl.

Big stuff eating your own WHOLE slice.
Made her happy.
Walmart was next on our list, but, we skipped pictures at the local Walmart.
We were home & had our beach kid in bed by 9ish. Way past her bedtime.
She was up at 7 the next morning....
Ahh...life at the beach;).


The Lowry Place said...

You need to teach me how to do Kaylen's hair, Parker's always looks so cute. That girl is having some fun you all looked like you had a wonderful time. Loved the photos!

Shane and Kelly Daniels said...

Amber, I just saw that you guys found out it's a boy! That is so exciting!! Hope ya'll are doing well. I finally joined the blogging world.... it's shaneandkellydaniels.blogspot.com hope to see you soon!